Let Go Of Your Biggest Emotional Fear Today!
(Without hours of painful therapy, drugs or alcohol...)
Here's What Your Breakthrough Discovery Session Includes...
  • 2 hour Session with an experienced Licensed Demartini Facilitator who has personally invested over $100,000 in his own Personal Growth & Development over the past 5 years 
  • ​You'll complete a pre-call questionnaire which will allow you to share your story, so that I can understand your current situation and any potential problems, concerns or emotional pains that you're presently faced with. This means that we can get straight to work at the start of our session to dissolve any pains, so that you can move forward and empower your life.
  • Downloadable Audio Recording - Clients were blown away from our calls and wanted me to capture the energy....You asked I delivered, you get an action packed audio download from our call together
  • Money Back Guarantee - If you are unsatisfied with your investment with me let me know and I will give you your money back no questions asked 
    Here Are Your Fast Action BONUSES For Booking Today:
    • ​​​​Lifetime Access to my LIVE Cold Training Masterclass where you see the tools and strategies I implemented to transform from a 15 second cold shower to the 2 minute ice bath - Valued @ $97.00
    • ​Inspired Life Weekly Planner which will set you up with the tools you need to take control of all areas of your life today- Health, Social Life, Work, Personal Development, Spirituality, Financial and Relationships - Clients invest over $5000.00 to access this tool
    What people are saying about their Breakthrough
    💗 Do not wait another day lets get to work 💪🏻
    The Science behind the Demartini Method and how this will help
    The Demartini Method is the most powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation. It is an effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict.
    Take your life to a whole new level, if you'd love to know how to transform whatever you perceive as "in the way" to "on the way," then make the most productive life decision today by booking in a Breakthrough Discovery SessionWhen you do you will be unlocking your true potential! 

    ✅ Enhance Relationships
    ✅ Grow Your Self- Worth
    ✅ Increase Your Fulfilment
    ✅ ​Solve Issues
    ✅ Overcome Grief and Loss
    ​✅ ​Expand Your Influence
    ​✅ Increase your Leadership
    ​✅ Clarify Your Vision
    ​✅ Increase Your Focus​
    ✅ ​Achieve Your Goals
    ​✅ Break Through Limiting Beliefs 
    ✅ ​Overcome Any Challenge
    ✅ ​Reduce Stress
    ​✅ Manage Your Emotions
    About  Your Licensed Facilitator
    First of all, I want to let you know that I have been on both sides of the fence... 

    From being a kid with bucked teeth, bullied and very self conscious at school, to having a very chiseled physique, being featured on a national TV Commercial as a character named Iron Jay, performing at ANZ stadium in front of over 40,000 people, becoming a Professional Wrestler and touring around Australia, and receiving a lot of attention because of this. 

    Now this didn’t just happen overnight it took a lot of time, sacrifice, dedication and focus to get to where I got to. Following my gut and heart and keeping my eyes on the prize (which I wish I could say is the best thing for everyone to do). 

    However it can be a very hard and lonely path to trek and one that will never fulfill you and can lead to feeling like a failure, feeling lost and in a depression. 
    For over 10 years I have been in the Health and Fitness industry training people one on one, listening to their problems and trying to solve it with exercise, nutrition and good daily habits. However, I still noticed that I wasn't able to help my clients achieve their full potential. Weight could creep back on and old habits could start again. 

    This left me frustrated, but led me to the realisation that I needed to focus on more of the mindset and why we do certain things, and act in certain ways. This has been a huge game changer for me and my clients! Now that I'm a licensed Facilitator I am able to share with them very in depth mindset knowledge and practical tools that help remove stress and trauma from peoples life. 

    Removing this stress means that my clients can now put their time and energy into the things that matter to them the most, keep them moving towards their goals like never before, and any time you are moving forward towards a goal, this is great for emotional health and well being. 

    I can't wait to connect with you and help you breakthough.

    Stay Inspired 

    Benny Coles 
    2 hour Self-Investment = Lifetime Return!
    Who is it suitable for?
    - Men and women
    - Ages 16+
    - Any race, ethnicity or background

    Those who are:
    - Lost
    - Uninspired
    - Anxious
    - Depressed
    - Stressed
    - Disempowered
    - Struggling with a loss
    - Struggling or concerned about a relationship they are in
    - Struggling with unrealistic expectations
    - Suffering from shame or guilt
    - Stuck living in fantasies or nightmares
    - Feel labelled and judged in society

    Who it's not suitable for:
    - Small minded individuals
    - If you're not open to being challenged
    - If you get easily offended
    - If you have no intention to master every area in your life
    How does it work?
    Step 1: Click the big purple button below that says 'Book Your Biggest Breakthrough Now'.

    Step 2: Enter your contact and billing information. The checkout process is 100% safe, secure and encrypted. 

    Step 3: Follow the prompts on the order thank you page to book in your discovery session via my online booking system.

    Step 4: After confirming your booking you will be redirected to a pre-call questionnaire that you will need to complete online before our call together. This should only take you 10-15 minutes.

    Only click the button below if you're ready to begin a life changing journey of self-discovery.
    Why You NEED This Offer Today:
    • Tailored on-one-one guidance from a highly trained Demartini Facilitator, who has personally experienced life's ups and downs and walked a hard road previously.
    • ​Finally overcome your lingering emotional baggage and begin a journey of life empowerment, internal peace and/or close, immediately after our session together.
    • ​Get private and confidential help without the fear of being judged or ridiculed by others
    • ​Receive a fresh perspective on the challenges that are holding you back
    • ​You'll never see this offer again with the fast action bonuses listed above!
    Frequently Asked Questions
     Can the Breakthrough Discovery Session help me with my relationship issues?
    Absolutely. You will learn how to set realistic expectations, relieve tension and dissolve the barriers between you and your partner so that you both appreciate each other and feel connected once again.
     I’m having a career crisis. How will the Breakthrough Discovery Session help me?
    The Breakthrough Discovery Session will show you how to clarify what is most important to you and show you how to overcome the fears standing in your way of taking action on your goals. You will learn how to make money doing what you love and transform your perceptions so that you get to love what you do.
     Can the Breakthrough Discovery Session help me grow my wealth?
    Yes. You will learn how to increase your self-worth, thereby increasing your net-worth and potential to become financially secure. Discover your hidden wealth building potential and change your values to gear yourself into greater returns.
     Do you recommend doing the Breakthrough Discovery Session with a partner?
    For the full experience and to make sure that we use our time efficiently, I recommend booking a Breakthrough Session alone, unless you're wanting to work through a relationship issue between you and your partner.
    What currency is The Breakthrough Discovery Session priced in?
    Australian Dollars (AUD). There are no lock-in contracts or commitments. All taxes are included in the fee.
    Here's What My Breakthrough Discovery Session Will Do For You:
    ✅ Clear your past to love your present
    ✅ Dissolve Infatuation, Resentment or Fear
    ✅ Self-minimisation
    ✅ Dissolve grief or worry
    ✅ Dissolve self aggrandisement and pride
    ✅ Dissolve self minimisation, shame, and guilt
    ✅ Dissolve exaggerated labels and enhance communication
    ✅ Dissolving unrealistic expectations
    ✅ Dissolve fantasies and nightmares
    So if You're Ready to:
    ✅ Awaken an inspired vision for your life, dissolve emotional limitations and take action towards the life you deserve
    ✅ Wake up and live each day with clarity and certainty knowing what’s most important to you
    ✅ If you're ready to improve every aspect of your life and achieve new heights in your health, wealth, career and relationships, press the ''Book Your Breakthrough Today' button below!
    Here's My Promise to You:
    I am 100% certain that your One on One Breakthrough Discovery Session with me will help you shift your emotional perspectives and the way you view things that, if it doesn't, I'll give you your money back - no questions asked!
    💭 Do not wait another day lets get to work
    Take Action Right Now!
    If you're ready to remove your emotional charges, limiting beliefs, and have complete certainly in knowing what's most important to you moving forward, press the 'Book Your Breakthrough Today' button below.
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